Services available at Keep It Cheap

Fully Equipped Workshop

At Keep it Cheap we believe in using the best tool for the job and there are good reasons too:

We have found that the best quality tools ensure:

  • Job is completed more efficiently
  • Job is more professional and safer for our customer
  • Less time is spent repairing issues created by poor quality tools

We use Snap-On Tools for our diagnostic and all our hand tools. If you want the best possible job and delivered on time, you need high quality tools.


Vehicle Tracking

We have a 4 wheel laser alignment kit for vehicle tracking; the quality that we get from Snap-On gives high accuracy and reduces tyre wear.


Diagnostic Equipment

We have extensive equipment for testing engines and coolant systems which ensures accurate diagnosis and speedy return.


Vehicle Lifts

We have Sun vehicle lifts for both cars and big vans; they are all rated above 4T so a heavyweight van won't be a problem.

We also help with...

Air Conditioning

We have top spec air conditioning which we have purchased from Delphi who are manufacturer suppliers.

Batteries and Alternators

We can test your vehicles battery and alternator and offer you the best solution for poor starting.

Secure Premises

If you want to leave your vehicle outside when we are closed, we have a letter box for keys.
We have multiple cameras that cover all aspects of the workshops both inside and out which record and provide us with remote access.

We employ a security company to ensure maximum security and we have alarm monitoring, response and lighting.

We want our premises to be safe and secure for you, your vehicles and our employees.
Having such security measures also helps keep our insurance costs lower so we can keep our overheads down and pass the savings onto our customers.